Assistance in Setting up Multigym
The mental development of youth is not possible without the development of their physique also. That is why, an one-time financial assistance of a maximum of Rs.2 (Two) Lakhs only will be given by my department to different institutions, schools, colleges, clubs, organizations and local bodies for setting up of multigym and purchase of accessories. But the applicant organizations must have to enclose the following documents while submitting their applications in support of their eligibility for getting Multigym and other accessories in order of priority.
1. Registration Certificate of the organization with renewal challan.
(For schools / colleges Affiliation certificate is required)
2. Last three year's audit report .
3. Photograph of club / organisation's building and photograph of room where gymnasium will be set up.
4. Photocopy of the Bank Pass Book of the organization.
5. 3 (three) cuotations
6. Recommendation of MLA/District Magistrate of concerned area.
In the year 2012 - 2013, a sum of Rs. 9,99,50,000 was spend for this purpose.