Development of Rural Sports
The present `Maa-Mati-Manush' Govt. is very much interested in the development and promotion of rural sports. Efforts will be made for promotion of any one of backward rural sports of our state in collaboration with the Sports Authority of India (SAI).
There is a scheme under the Department of Youth Services & Sports for distribution of sports goods for sports like Football, Volleyball, Cricket, Badminton, Table Tennis, Kho Kho, Archeries etc. up to the Block levels. But, in reality, the sports goods could not be effectively used by the recipients due to their allegedly substandard quality. This is why, my department, being directed by the Hon'ble Chief Minister, has decided not to procure and distribute any sports goods centrally any further. Instead of that, the stipulated amount for purchasing the sports equipment's will be allotted to the District Magistrates in case of districts and to the Commissioners in case of Municipal Corporations. They will make necessary arrangement for purchasing the sports goods centrally at their end according to the requirement of the Schools, Colleges, Clubs and Organizations of their respective areas and then the same will be distributed to them by Block level and Borough level officers. Special emphasis will be given for the development of rural sports in the Junglemahal.
In the year 2012 - 2013, sum of Rs.9,64,00,000 was spent for this porpuse.
Kabadi & Archery competition – A major initiative was taken to promote these two popular games in the name and style as "Prativar Sandhane".
Development of Play ground : -
One time grant of Rs.2.00 Lakh is given to different clubs,schools,colleges and organisations for this purpose. Following documents required to avail this grant-
1. Registration Certificate with renewal challan. (For Schools / Colleges , Affiliation certificate required)
2. Last 3 Yrs Audit report.
3. Photograph of Club / Organisation / School Building.
4. Land documents (Computerised ROR / Porcha)
5. Photocopy of Bank Pass Book.
6. Plan & Estimate to be prepared by a Govt. Engineer.
7. Recommendation of MLA / District magistrate of concerned area.
In the year 2012-13, a sum of 2,94,000/- was spent for this purpose.